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I am very excited to share with you these posts (links) from our Maui Blogger Network. I hope you enjoy reading them too!

Blogging is not easy.  It takes passion, it takes consistency. It’s easy to start a blog, it is not easy to maintain it.  Bloggers sometime lose motivation; bloggers sometimes get discouraged. Sometimes we just get so busy like everybody else that we just neglect the blog.  This is why we formed the Maui Bloggers Network.  Together we are stronger, we are better, we can encourage each other, and in return we serve the readers better.

Here are the posts …

1. Joyce Chin – Sunrise: My Revelation

2. Jt Clough – Maui Dog Remedies

3. Chad Ramsey – Share the Aloha and Pay it Forward

4. Toby Neal -Married to a Photographer

5. Dave Kresta – Best Beach on Maui for Families

6. Sam Molitas – Maui’s Best Massage

7. Amy Baker- Daily Dharma

8. Elinor Gawel(Eli) – Maui Qigong

9. Courtney Turner – Maui SMUG Meeting

10. Liza Pierce – Food Trucks On Maui

11. Chris Norberg – New Daily Hana Flights!

12. Lena Castles – In Memory of Daryl Yamamoto

13. Tania Ginoza – My Labor Day, Kauai Style

14. Joelle Ihilani Birano – 5 Steps to a More Efficient iPhone

15. Roxanne Darling – The Next New Thing: Tapping into Quantum Energy to Support Your Business Goals

16. Sara Tekula – My “Children’s Book” Baby Shower and Blessingway

17. Sara Tekula – Belly Painting: My Womb is My Baby’s Entire Universe

18. DzinePOD – SEO: WWW or No WWW – Which is better?


Have a wonderful Saturday everyone. Aloooha!