UPDATED 9/29/20. I’m moving forward with the book! Found out more here: https://publishizer.com/maui-2020-and-beyond/


For several months now, I had been working on this project ….

I had been working on this dream project in the midst of busyness and chaos in our lives …

And I must admit, part of me was scared to tell people about it because I might fail ….

What if I don’t actually finish this project?

What if it does not turn out as great as I think it would be?

What if nobody really cared when I thought many would be excited?

So I kept it a secret for a while …

Then I started telling my family …

Then I started telling my close friends …

Then I got even more scared …

Yikes! Can I really accomplish what I am hoping to accomplish?

I don’t even have the natural talent to do it …

What I have is desire and passion … and connection …. and hardwork

Hardwork because it’s not a natural talent … I really would have to work hard to make this happen.


Last night, as I was thinking about it, a voice inside of me spoke …

If there are people who should know about my secret … it should be my “Maui Ohana”

And by Maui Ohana, I meant the readers and followers of A Maui Blog and My Own Maui

Come to think if it … You my readers, followers and friends, you my Maui Ohana have been with me for many years now.  Those who started following a Maui Blog in the beginning, we would have been friends for 12 years. Twelve Years!

And so today I am revealing my secret …

…. The secret project I had been working on …

And that is …

I am writing and will be publishing a Maui Guide Book! Publishing as in it will be available at Amazon.com!

Whew! Yikes! The secret is revealed!


Now back to my “what ifs….”

Wait… No what if’s right?

We’re all in this together, right?



Truth is, I am only halfway done.

And I am stuck.

Paralized sort of.

I am at the point when I have to decide which ones to include and which ones to nix out.

For example, there are so many good restaurants on Maui and I want to mention them all.

But that would be a book in itself!

So it’s a big responsibility. It’s exhausting to think about.

Of course it’s my book and I can write what I want to.

But I want it to be complete, to be relevant, and to be the best guide ever!


So here is what I am thinking.

I’d include you in my writing project.

No, you will not get an individual credit or mention, but collectively you will.


I started a Facebook Group called: Visit Live Love Maui.

There I will be discussing the book. I will ask the group’s opinion on stuff.

Maui kind stuff.

I won’t write all the discussions in the book.

But the discussion will be my inspiration and guide.


Want to join me in that group?

Here’s the link: Visit Live Love Maui

Request to be in and I’d let you in.


OK, I have to go to pick up my son. I’d end this post for now.  More will be revealed soon. I promise.

In the meantime, see you on  Visit, Live, Love Maui FB Group soon.  Aloha! (Update 9/28/20 This group now has 13K Members)

*Just letting you know,  it’s a close group so joining requires my approval. In case you don’t get approved right away, it’s probably because I am away from my computer … so please be patient.  I am approving each request one at a time so I can actually see who’s joining 🙂  Aloha again 🙂


P.S. It’s ok to share this post on your Facebook Timeline or send a copy to people you know who loves Maui.  It is an open group. Everyone who loves Maui are invited.