I have been living on Maui for 17 years now, and I love every minute of it. Yesterday as I was touring a luxurious home in Makena, I asked myself  if I have billions or millions of dollars right now, would I still be living on Maui, or would I prefer to live some place else? My initial answer was of course I’d still be living on Maui . But when I thought about it more, I concluded that I probably would not live here 365 days a year because I would be travelling a lot. I would love to travel and explore the world. Nevertheless, I would still definitely want to own a home on Maui.


As I was saying, yesterday I was privileged to visit a luxurious home in Makena. I wish I have the 10 million dollars to purchase that property!  The estate is owned by a friend of mine. It’s for sale right now and he gave me the permission to blog about it.*

The first question I asked the owner was why? This is such a beautiful home in a heavenly place, why sell  Well, I found out why.  He actually owns another house in Makena. He knows how wonderful it is to live on Makena and the advantages of owning a house on Maui, so he built another one to sell.  Smart man! He knows a house on Maui Hawaii is a great investment, aside from a great place to live or retire.


Let me be transparent by saying up front that the purpose of this post is to try to connect to a potential buyer for this property.  On one hand, this post may sound like a sales pitch. On the other hand, this is really just a reflection of my thoughts as I tour this house in Makena, as well as an echo of the a talk story I had with Damien and Tim, the architect and neighbor.


As we were entering this luxurious home in this 7 lots subdivision, I asked Tim how he likes living in that neighborhood. He said he and his wife absolutely love it!  Tim has lived on Hawaii for 40 years now and by far this is the best place he has ever lived.  The place is so quiet and peaceful.  He shared how sometimes they can hear the whales sing at night. That’s amazing! But the place being so quiet and peaceful does not mean being cut off from civilization and modern living. Within few minutes are the best restaurants, golf courses, and tennis courts in the nation. He gets to enjoy both the serenity and relaxation of the rural living” and the luxuries of â modern living.


It is a given that this house has a multi-million dollar view.  From the main lanai we could see the different islands surrounding Maui.  Every night you are here, you get to enjoy the beauty of the Maui sunset right in front of your home. There’s a private walkway to the black sand beach on the front, and the State Park hiking place on the left.

Speaking of the State Park, the property is situated next to a State Park so the owner is guaranteed that there won’t be any more development right next to them.  A small portion of the State land below is wetland. When we were there, there was hardly any water on it.  That wetland area is being maintained by the homeowners association and they are putting a lot of effort to restore the place wherein there would only be native plants in the area.


I still have a lot to share about our talk story, but this post is getting long. I shall continue later with the Part II. Don’t miss it – it gets better. Aloha!  (Part 2 uploaded on May 30, click here)

*Disclosure: I will get a tip if that house sells through this post, so please spread the word around about this beautiful property and help me get that tip. No, not commission, just a tip.  I am doing this because I strongly believe in the power and effectiveness of social media so this is a challenge I, a theory I am trying to prove. Share the word around and if we get a buyer from your tweet, I’ll share my tip with you.