Maui Local Goes On Vacation

 “Where do Maui Locals go on vacation” is one question I am often asked. Especially by visitors who loves Maui and thinks this is that Maui is the best vacation destination ever.  Maui is paradise, so where else do we go, right?

Actually many Maui locals still go on vacation,  and we too becomes tourists on other places. Some of the most common destinations are:

1) Disneyland – especially for families with little kids.

2) Las Vegas – especially for the retired; and for people who likes the excitement of casino.

3) Fiji and Costa Rica – for the surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

4) Europe – especially for those who truly loves to travel and see the world and earn about other cultures.

5) Whistler, Canada of other States in the US with snow – Since we don’t have snow here, we love to visit places with snow.

6) Where ever our families are – and for us, this is always the case.  In  fact, right now I am in Connecticut visiting my husband’s family.

In my next post I will be sharing some photos, or maybe I’d just add a link here to where the photos will be,  In the meantime I am interested to know – “where do you go for vacation?”  and why do you or did you go there? Please share on the comment section 🙂

4 thoughts on “Maui Local Goes On Vacation”

  1. Vacation?? Hehe. Well, growing up we always went to Oahu…we went to Cali once for a family reunion, and Utah for a wedding (though it was just a quick trip), but other than that, I haven’t had a vacation. My last real vacation was my honeymoon and we spent it on Maui and Big Island. I used to want to go to France really badly, but now I really want to go to NYC for Christmas…though I don’t know if I want to deal with the stress of flying my family across the country the way the airlines are these days…

  2. I highly recommend a trip to India – the sights, sounds,colors,cows, noise, spirituality and food…..what an eye opener. You need to get a car and a driver – not expensive, about $35.00/day and they drive you all over the country. The bathroom facilities are not for the weak hearted. The richness of the experience is well worth the shock of poverty and too many people. Imagine if you went to Makawao and the streets were littered with stray cows!!!…… have to see it to believe it. Lodging and food is very reasonable. You could get by on $20.00 a day for simple accomodations and great food. FIVE stars in life experience.

  3. Great question, Liza, do people from Hawaii go on vacation and if they do, where do they go?

    Yes, we, Keoki and I love to go on vacation. Everybody likes a change of scenery once in a while even when living in Hawaii. Lake Tahoe is one of our vacation favorites in fall – still has the water (forget about going for a swim but a short dip in the icy cold water feels great), beautiful forests with the change of the leaves (change of scenery!), wonderful trails for biking and well…one should not forget the casinos for entertainment.

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