I am a little bit behind on my posting.  Definitely not due to lack of things to write about – in fact I have so much that I want to blog about. Most of the time, my lack of posting is due to lack of time to write and upload a post. I have several blog posts ideas on mind – sort of articles that would help the tourists or visitors navigate Maui and make their stay enjoyable. But I couldn’t compose a decent post. My mind is cluttered and my body is tired. Then I thought, hey, why freely post about my weekend. Afterall, that’s what my “about the blog” said – I am here to talk story about my life on Maui. And so here goes. This weekend is not so typical and yet it’s still a representation of the life of a local or kama’aina mom.

Friday Day, woke up early, did my morning routine, dropped off the kids to school at 8:15 AM then went to work. I worked up til 2:30 PM, then picked up the kids.  4:45 PM brought my son (Hapa Boy) to his Taekwondo Class and at 6:00 PM brought my daughter (Hapa Girl) to the Maui Taekwondo Dojang too. Both kids are staying there for a “Nija Night” at the Maui Taekwondo. 6:45PM I went to Hope Chapel for the Friday Night service. I was chosen as one of our pastor’s friend to share about him. He is afflicted with cancer and our church decided to dedicate the night to honor him. Our pastor was supposed to be watching this expression session in his house via live stream. However, after the expression session, it was announced that pastor Kit passed away at little past 7Pm that night. After the service, I went straight to Kit’s house to see how his family is doing and to see if they need any help. At 9:50PM I left Kit’s house to pick up my kids at Ninja Night. I also picked up my son’s friend who spent the night and Saturday morning with us because his dad has to work.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30AM and baked brownies and cupcakes to donate to the fundraising my son’s school is doing. The fundraising was a car wash and bake sale. At 9:00AM I brought my 3 kids (two of mine and one a friend) to the car wash fundraising to help out. We left at 10 AM to go to my Son’s Hip Hop Class in Kahului. We decided to bring Sonny, our Italian Greyhound, with us.

While in Kahului we noticed that there is a Dog Show going on at the War Memorial Park. So, while Hapa Boy and the kids are in Hip Hop Class, I brought Sonny to the Dog show. He was very excited and happy to see and meet other dogs.

Picked up the kids from class at 12:05 noon and we went to Kaahumanu Mall to eat lunch. Went back home at 1:45, neaten up the messy house. 2PM My son’s friend’s dad picked up my son’s friend.

About 2:30 pm, my husband came back from Keanae. And the rest of the evening is the typical “cook dinner, eat dinner, etc. etc.

So now I have a post – yey!