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Kamaole Beach III Maui

I am working on several posts and realized it will longer for me to finalize all for them.  I didn’t want to leave you with a New Year’s Day post  because it’s so yesterday (he he). I think this beautiful photo of Kamaole Beach III on Maui is a good one to put up here on the blog while I try to finish up these other posts.  Don’t you think so?

Now to encourage you to leave a comment, please let me know what your favorite beach on Maui is.  Mine is Keawakapu, however,  there’s a lot of beautiful beaches here on Maui so I am interested to hear what your favorite is.

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  1. Please keep posting the out of the way beaches. We’ll be there in a few weeks and would love to find some “new” beaches. Keep up the blog, enjoy reading.

  2. Oooh, favorite beaches? This is so hard! When we lived in Kihei, I was just happy to be living right across the street from the beach, anywhere along the South Shore was a favorite! Since we’ve moved to Haiku, I’d have to say that on days where we just want to relax on the beach, anywhere along Thousand Peaks is good for us – parking is close and the atmosphere is really mellow. Another favorite is Napili Bay (even though it is very touristy), the cove is protected and a great place to snorkel.

    Honestly, though…I’ll take any of our Maui beaches any day of the week…we really can’t complain now, can we? 🙂

  3. I like Wailea beach in the morning before the wind picks up except for all the resort chairs & umbrellas on the public beach. On Oahu they have very strict rules about that, hotel guest chairs which are more like furniture needs to be on hotel property. The hotel should not “reserve” a section of the beach for their guests only…

  4. Hands down favorite: Keawakapu!!! It’s just so expansive that you never feel like you’re on top of each other. Walk on over to Zach’s for a drink and a snack, perfect day at the beach.

  5. Baby Beach in Lahaina Town!! It’s our backyard so it’s easy, the kids get to chill with no big waves to worry about and we always see someone we know down there so it’s fun!

    Napili Bay is AMAZING! As is Kapalua Bay!

    Really, you can’t go wrong on Maui when it comes to beaches!

    Maui no ka oi!

  6. My favorite is Charley Young. It’s easily accessible in town and we meet a lot of friends there. I especially like to snorkel / swim between the Cove Park and Charley Young beach.

  7. Well, I love to watch the surfers over at Ho’okipa Beach near Paia. We usually stay over in Kihei, and Sugar Beach is great to walk on. Will have to check out Keawakapu!

  8. I really enjoyed Makena Beach, awesome waves to body surf. The sand so soft and warm….SIGH…. Watch for the washing machine tide, it can slam you pretty good sometimes. Didn’t have enough time to check them all out….How bout, any beach, as long as it’s Maui! Was pretty cool watching all the surfers in Paia, didn’t get a chance to check out the beach in Hiaku when we stayed there. Kamaole was good too, as long as you don’t mind the lava rocks jutting out. Gotta keep your eyes open for the lava or it will bite you, LOL.

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