Aloha and Happy Monday to you! I am finally updating this blog. Not that I had a bloggers block or something – I was just busy with other da kines. All good happenings but took me away from sitting in front of my computer and typing a post. Anyway, I am here. I thought I’d start with a rambling post. I am good at that you know. Once in a while, I try to sound more like a professional writer or a journalist and it is just not me. I have to remember that you dear readers come here because you like reading my talk stories – not my professional commentaries, editorials or reviews. So let the stalk story begin …

What were the things that kept me busy?

One is the newly formed Social Media users group on Maui. In twitter we use the hashtag #MauiSMUG for it. I was in a panel for our first meeting. It was a successful first meeting. Go to for details.

I also have been running a lot. I had lost my mind for a few minutes and committed myself to running a 10K race in February. Insane, i know. Now I am in a panic mode. Can I really run a 10K? We shall find out. It will be on February 10 Upcountry. I will write a separate post for that. In the meantime, know that when I am not posting here, I am probably running on the road. Honk at me when you see me running along South Kihei road, ok?

Hapa Boy and Hapa Girl. Still busy being a mom with these two kids. Actually, they are not kids anymore. Hapa Girl is now 12 and will turn 13 in October. Happy Boy is 13 and will turn 14 in July. So in October I am graduating from being a mom of a Tween – I will officially be a mom of two teenagers. Oh God help me!

Another thing that kept me busy was watching Maui sunsets with friends. Not a bad thing really. Actually, I know most for you would envy me for that :). We met this very nice family who just moved from Australia to here, and they absolutely love the Maui sunsets. They go to the beach in the afternoon to watch the sunsets, and we have joined them several times. We also have had “talk story” gathering in our home, complete with margarita and sushi. Gotta love this life.

But of course I am not just goofing off all the time. I really am busting my okole off getting serious with my new career, which is (ahem…) being a professional “social media strategist”. However, I promise not to make this “A Maui Blog” my social media hub. This will remain my “I love maui” kinda blog and my social media stuff would be in a different space in the web. I have many gigs in line so it will be fun.

I think this is enough ramble from me for today. Now its your turn to let me know who you are doing and what’s keeping you busy.  Let me know in the comment section of this post – or through Twitter or Facebook, ok?

You all have a wonderful holiday today,  aloooha!