Maui Taekwondo – My Son Got His Brown Belt!

What better photos to share at Weekly Winners today than photos of my son testing for Brown Belt. He passed! Congratulations G – you did so well! Here are a few of the hundred shots we took:

For enjoy some great photos of Weekly Winner participants, visit Sarcastic Mom Blog and click the links there :).

15 thoughts on “Maui Taekwondo – My Son Got His Brown Belt!”

  1. Congrats on G’s great achievement. Please tell him that we love him and we miss all of you! We are proud of him! Great photos too!

  2. How exciting! What age did your son start Taekwondo? I have been thinking about putting my son in a class of this kind.. he is only 4 though… I have heard it teaches such great discipline and structure.

  3. Congratulations. A feat like that requires a lot of practice, patience, and commitment.

    Way to stick with it, and good luck on going for the next level.

  4. i used to be in taekwondo theres a picture of me in my facebook pics with a gold medal i got in a sparring tournament. i think highest i got was green stripe, maybe blue. it was a long time ago

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