Maui Wedding, Pinterest & A Valentine Marriage Seminar

Wedding at Makena Golf Course Maui

Aloooha! We had been very busy so my postings were scarce. But now I am baaack! :).  Last Saturday, our dear friends Chris and Whitney got married and we had a marvelous time celebrating this special day with them. The wedding ceremony was held on top of hill at the Makena Golf course, yes, in Makena.  It was a splendid venue for a wedding, nice grassy area with awesome view.  The reception was held at the Makena Resort, the former Maui Prince.

Having attended Chris and Whitney’s wedding, I was inspired to create a board on Pinterest about  Maui Wedding Ideas and Maui Wedding Locations. Since it’s Friday, I would like to have this as my Pin It Friday post.

Plumeria Wedding


Valentine and Marriage Seminar on Maui 

For married couples,  what better Valentine’s gift than your time while enhancing your marriage?  Saturday, February 11th, Better Marriage Today presents a FREE 2 1/2 hour marriage workshop at Hope Chapel in Kihei, from 9 to 11:30am. The presenters, Randy and Monica Zachary, share their journey back from the brink of divorce. They will also present 3 Communication Skills that will enhance your marriage, and share their story. you’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you’ll leave with hope – and handles.   “If our marriage can be fixed, anybody’s can”, says Randy. “We were hopeless.”

Randy & Monica were recently featured on the Dr. Oz show. They host a radio morning show in California, and have authored 3 books, their most recent, ” Broken Parts, Healed hearts, New Starts.” They have 3 grown kids, are former Maui residents who come back as often as they can. Randy is a graduate of the San Francisco Comedy College, performing in LA, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Monica loves to laugh – it works.  More info:

7 thoughts on “Maui Wedding, Pinterest & A Valentine Marriage Seminar”

  1. Congrats to your friends! Maui is the best place to get married (partly why we did the same!) That seminar looks interesting. Mahalo for the post!

  2. Love weddings especially on Maui. Happy they could mend their marriage. I also love the long strands of tuber rose celebrating their wedding… So beautiful

  3. I loved seeing all your shots on instagram the day of the wedding, it was so beautiful and romantic.

    Love how you mixed the romantic with realism too. Marriage is not easy and we don’t always have the tools to resolve differences even if the love is still there.

  4. Congratulations to your friends Chris and Whitney!!

    I’m trying build my Pinterest boards, but I’m so picky and trying to be “effective” with my pinning! I think I just need to relax and have some fun with it…although I might get lost in pinning like you! Hahaha! I noticed the heart shaped Spam Musubi…how cute!!! Love it!

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