Maui is one of the most romantic places on earth, there is no doubt about that. No wonder we have an abundance of wedding planners, photographers, etc. tc. ready to serve lovers around the world who come here to “tie the knot” so to speak.

I will be starting a new feature here on A Maui Blog called “Just Maui’ed” where I will feature weddings held on Maui including the different aspects that go with it like planning a beautiful wedding and actually making it happen.

The photos here are from my friend Nicole, who was raised on Maui and is now living on California with her fantabulous husband Chris (yep, fantabulous is how she describes him:). Go check her “wedding planner” blog HERE and HERE. I will be telling you more about her and what a fantastic wedding coordinator she is, in my future posts, but for now I just want to let the readers know what’s cooking in my head. I love romance, and weddings, and I am very excited to be posting about it here. You can bet there’s going to be tons of beautiful, stunning photos. I can’t wait!