Memorial Day is one of those days where I just want to stop and reflect, appreciate and be thankful, remember and honor the once who had made sacrifices for us.  This video produce by the podcast “Beachwalks with Rox”. This was made in 2006 but the message is as relevant today as it was filmed 7 years ago … Yep, this is a last minute guest post and I am thankful I can share this here with you:




Hawaiian words:
Puowaina: hill of sacrifice
Kaua: war
Kapu: taboo
Maluhia: peace

And here are the show notes we used; you can edit or add your own comment as you wish.

We originally filmed this episode for Memorial Day in 2006. But it clearly stands out as a timeless message, and represents the true essence of Beach Walks – even though it was not filmed on a beach! It was completely unscripted, no shot list, we just showed up and worked as fast as we could before the sun set. Sometimes, you know the universe is on your side. Today’s show was filmed at the Hawaii Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. 50,000 leis were donated, and over 100 young Scouts placed a lei and a flag on each gravestone. I was quite stirred to be in the presence of death while smelling the sweet scent of plumeria lei. Though most of those buried here are from modern wars, this “punchbowl” of an ancient volcano was the site of Hawaiian aliʻi burials and human sacrifice of those who violated the kapu or taboos. May all who died suffering, rest in peace today.