Today we have a guest blogger, Nadia.  When I heard about the book she is writing, I thought it would be important to share because it could be helpful to you who are thinking of moving to maui and wondering what jobs you can do on Maui… or to you who is living here on maui and looking for a side side (a side hustle) or a career change.  Nadia and I met at Kamaole Beach last week and recorded this video and I also asked her to wrote a blog post to go with it, so here they are:

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business?

The world has certainly changed in 2020, and with more people working from home you may have been wondering how you can start something online. While working remotely for a company is great, I’m a huge fan of remote work, there is also the opportunity to start your own online business.

My name is Nadia and I am an Online Business Coach and Podcast Host living on Maui. I first decided I wanted to work online from home in Hawaii when I was 16 years old. For the last almost nine years that is exactly what I have been doing. I started online as a freelance web and graphic designer, and have also started several different online businesses in all different niches. I even helped turn an unknown Startup into a $32 Billion International Brand all while working from my laptop.

Now I am helping aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life selling digital products. If you are a multi-passionate, multi-talented creative with lots of ideas I am here to show you what is possible. I teach you how to use the power of your personal brand to start a business based on the skills and knowledge you already have. It has never been a better time to start as the world shifts even more online. We are currently in the connection economy, which means people are looking to learn and support one another.

This is why I have decided to write my first business book, to share this message even further. My new book, currently in pre-order, is called the Internet is always hiring. Have you applied yet? How to go from Employee to Digital Boss. It walks you through six key stages to starting an online business selling digital products.

One of my signature frameworks is called 7 Days to Transformation. It walks you through how to create digital products that will help your clients get from point a to point b. I believe in starting simple and evolving from there so that you have a proven system in place. This will help you grow and set your business up for success.

I am currently offering some incredible bonuses if you pre-order my new book. You can visit the campaign below and pre-order your copy today.

Working online for yourself will absolutely change your life! Living and working on Maui has been so much easier because I work online from home. I believe in “Work smart, dream with heart.” and it is my mission to help you do the same by showing you what is possible online.

Have you been thinking about digital entrepreneurship? Leave your questions below.

Nadia Bernardy is the Founder of Work & Woo and Host of the Where Dreams Are Made Podcast. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs take their dream ideas and turn them into a successful online business. With a BA in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing she has been working in the online space since 2008. She started online for an unknown Startup turned $32B International brand all while working from her laptop on Maui. Website: