I have been reading the book “Laugh Again” by Chuck Swindoll and it is helping me … “laugh again”.  I mean with the coronavirus pandemic going, many people are “tensed” and “worried” and getting depressed.  Some people are edgy and some are just getting mean and judgemental.  I like it better when people have a sense of humor. I like it when people are optimistic. I like it when people respect differences of opinion and still respect each other. We will get through this.

Anyway, there is this song that I just learned about recently.  Apparently, this is an “old song”. It’s a local song that was popular back in the days by the Beamer Brothers, Keola and Kapono Beamer.  Darryl Anguay created a COVID-19 version to it. Listen to this COVID18 version, then listen to the original version below it.  I listened to it many times and it makes me smile and giggle. It made me laugh the first time I heard this song and watched the video. I hope it makes you laugh too:


Below is the original version brought to us by ComeEatMyHouse Youtube Channel with this caption:

Hawaii is such a wonderful place to live with all the different races, their foods and cultures. Of course, each race has stereotypes and although, there are people that dislike another race ~ for the most part, it is all in fun as Keola and Kapono Beamer illustrate so beautifully in this song, Mr. Sun Cho Lee. You can find the very talented, Keola Beamer here: http://www.kbeamer.com/

Here is another video version by Bobby Chang.

Bobby wrote in the caption: At first glance of this song and video, you think racist, but if you ever lived in Hawaii, this is not at all racist, this is how we live on this island and the song by the keola and kapono beamer portrays this. In the old cane field days, this is how they all got along and worked together creating the unique language called “Pidgin English’. Enjoy and Mahalo for listening, comment if you like, would love to hear from the world! The lesson to be learned! LIVE ALOHA!!!!!!!! Mahalo!!!!

And last but not the least, this LIVE VERSION by PUre Heart is quite funny. Watch this and laugh:

I hope this blog post brought smiles and laughter at this time, while we are all waiting for the Offical Opening of Hawaii and the elimination of coronavirus (or at least control of it).

Remember to keep our sense of humor in this difficult time we are living in.  Mahalo and Aloha!