Our family just got done watching “Much Ado About Nothing” and we enjoyed it.   While the rest of the family are enjoying the “second movie of the night”,  I excused myself to post on this blog.

Tonight I  discovered a video of  the best-selling author Kelly Corrigan reading an excerpt from her Glamor magazine essay. I know it’s not about Maui, but I think is it’s worth sharing so here it is.  Here’s a “Dare” for you “To Take The Step To Follow Your Dreams”. Be Inspired. Happy Sunday!

I like this video so much that it made it to my Pinterest board called “Inspire, Motivate, Encourage

Have you seen any video lately that inspired you?  Or maybe a quote or a blogpost that truly touched your heart?  Please share with us by  leaving a link on the comment section  or by typing out the quote in there. Aloha!