Much Ado About Nothing and Dare You

Our family just got done watching “Much Ado About Nothing” and we enjoyed it.   While the rest of the family are enjoying the “second movie of the night”,  I excused myself to post on this blog.

Tonight I  discovered a video of  the best-selling author Kelly Corrigan reading an excerpt from her Glamor magazine essay. I know it’s not about Maui, but I think is it’s worth sharing so here it is.  Here’s a “Dare” for you “To Take The Step To Follow Your Dreams”. Be Inspired. Happy Sunday!

I like this video so much that it made it to my Pinterest board called “Inspire, Motivate, Encourage

Have you seen any video lately that inspired you?  Or maybe a quote or a blogpost that truly touched your heart?  Please share with us by  leaving a link on the comment section  or by typing out the quote in there. Aloha!


1 thought on “Much Ado About Nothing and Dare You”

  1. “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful than you ever imagined.” Seen it here and there…think pinterest?

    Have a great week! Thank you for the inspiration!

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