My TEDxMaui Story

If you’ve been following me in many of my social media networks, you will know that I am a TED Talk fan.  I like watching TED Talk videos and I usually share the ones that I think are impressive like what I shared at Liza’s Eyeview and Hawaii’s Premiere Mortgage.

On January 22, the first ever TED Talk is going to be held on Maui at the MACC Castle Theatre.  It’s called TEDxMaui.  And many of us are very excited about it.

Wanna some of my TEDx Maui story? OK, let’s talk story …

The Courage To Dream

The Courage to Dream is the theme of this first TEDx on Maui. And boy did I apply that in this story 🙂  Guess what?  I applied to be a speaker for TEDxMaui! Eeek! I know, it’s delusion of grandeur.  It’s a “what the heck? who do you think you are?” kind of stuff. Me? Applied to be a speaker at TEDx? Ha! What was I smokin’? LOL!

I knew it was a long shot and it will take a miracle to happen. I do not have the solid credentials to go with what I wanted to speak about. And so the miracle didn’t happen. It was not supposed to happen.  Just one look at the final list of  TEDx  Maui speakers and we’ll know there’s no way I would have been chosen.

But why did I do it? I applied to be one of the speakers at TEDx Maui to fulfill  the theme itself: The Courage To Dream.  I  wanted to share about  “The Power Of Encouragement“, how an encouragement given at the right time can save people’s lives or how an encouragement can empower a person to fulfill their dream, to do things that they never thought they could.

Was I embarrassed by my courageous act of submitting an application to speak? Yes, kindof, but not totally (or else I wouldn’t be sharing this story with you).  I do not have any regret that I did.  It actually empowered me. It confirmed the fact that doing something beyond my comfort zone, to go after a dream, is actually worth doing, even when the outcome is not what I desired.

So how about you?  What is your dream? What’s holding you from actually doing what you dream to do?

Since we are on the topic of TED talk, let me share another TED Talk that inspires me.  This is actually the kind of talk I have in mind when I applied to speak at TEDxMaui. I wanted  to speak only for a short time to share a few thoughts that would spur the audience into action.  May this little video do just that for you. Take little steps to fulfill your dream. Do it for 30 days:

Tickets are still available for the TEDxMaui Event.  Click HERE for more information.

Attend TEDxMaui and be inspired!


Mahalo to Maui Country Farm Tours for sponsoring me to

attend to this TEDx Maui Event

14 thoughts on “My TEDxMaui Story”

    1. Jen, I have never been to a live TED before either. This Jan 22 will be my first live TEDx. But there are plenty of videos of TED Talks t watch online 🙂

  1. Aloha, Liza.

    I applied to speak at TEDxMaui as well, and for the same reason.

    We should both apply every year until we make it in! 🙂


  2. You wanted to speak about “The Power of Encouragement” and how encouragement can empower a person to fulfill their dreams. I want to encourage you to keep on applying to be a speaker on TED Talk. How else could you possibly fulfill this dream? I know your family and friends will also encourage you. How else can dreams become reality in our lives?

  3. Liza,you are so gutsy to apply for TedxMaui. They would have loved you no matter where you spoke. I nominated my sister Pamela Jansen for TedxMaui but she didn’t get chosen. Maybe next year. I wanted her to experience this event to see what it’s all about. When she couldn’t be here I had an extra ticket. I love how you presented my business and thank you for asking me to sponsor you. Looking forward to many wonderful talks and being inspired. Can’t wait to see Lani and Pomai Weigert of AKL Maui.

    1. Hi Marilyn, yes “so gutsy” is the word! LOL! Thank you for your sweet comment and for giving me your sister’s ticket. Your sister, Pam, is one of the most courageous women I know and her story is so inspiring. I would encourage her not only to apply again next year, but also to seek out other TEDx in the area where she lives and send her application there too. She would inspire many. Her book is inspiring as well

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