Humpback Whale on Maui close up

We are not supposed to come too close to the Humpback Whales on Maui. However, sometimes they are the ones who come close to us, and all we can say is “oh, hello!” and try to snap some photos as quickly as we can.

Humpback Whale Close up

Bazza V. Duck, a friend of My Own Maui Facebook Page, went on a friend’s boat on February 4th,  and a few whales came really close!  We mean “really close” as you can see on the photo above.  All photos on this post are credited to Bazza V. Duck.

Humpback Whale on Maui Fin

After “saying hello” up close and personal 🙂 , the whales went on it’s merry way playing in the ocean – their huge playground.

Humpback Whale on Maui Shaka Tail

And showing off its beautiful tail … on which this photo I think is the whales’ version of “shaka” 🙂

Humpback whales on Maui - whale tail

and of course the beautiful and classic whale tail shot.  Aloha!

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And for an added treat, here’s a short Humpback Whale video you will enjoy: