Oh.my.gosh, my face is on the header!” That was my first thought when @ErikBlair showed the new lay-out for A Maui Blog.  Being an introvert, it made me cringe to see that my photo is up there!

Don’t get me wrong. I do like that photo a lot.  @Peterliu47 took that photo of me when I needed a headshot for the  TechTalk we did a while back. I like its cheery bright colorful background, and I also like the way I look.  That is why I used it for my about.me page.

But still … a photo of me? on A Maui Blog header?  Hmmmm… it took a while for me to agree to using it.  I actually e-mailed Peter and asked what he thinks about it (yep, when in doubt, ask Peter). He said it’s ok, so yesterday I gave the go to Erik to upload our new lay-out. Lo and behold, he did it today – and I had the same reaction when I saw it live: “Oh.my.gosh, my face is on the header!”  Ahhhh, this will take some time getting used to it.  What do you think? Keep it or change? (you can be honest, I won’t feel bad if you tell me to take out my photo on my header – I promise!)

It’s a long story…. and I do not want to bore you with details of my desire to update the lay-out of A Maui Blog and how I was thinking of rebranding but I didn’t have the budget to hire a professional designer to make me a new logo and header.

So the new lay-out is uploaded. And my face is there for now, so get used to it 😉  We still have a lot of  “cleaning up and re-organizing” to do on this blog.  We are open to suggestions, so please let me know in the comment section if you have any suggestions on our new lay-out. And “mahalo” for doing so.