How would you like to make a difference in our community today?


There is a housing crisis on Maui. There are many hard-working families who can’t afford to purchase their own home. Don’t you wish someone will do something about it? What if I tell you that you can make a difference? Yes, you can make a difference and be a part of the solution.

Let me tell you how …

Before I tell you how, allow me to share with you how this project begun …

Pohaku, my hanai nephew, was thinking of what senior project he can do. He shared with me that he wanted to do something that will make a difference in the Maui community. He also mentioned that he is thinking of having a career in Real Estate someday, and this project needs to be related to this future career he is thinking of…

Because I have been involved in the Real Estate Industry on Maui for many years (albeit I am not a realtor), I shared some ideas that might be helpful in his brainstorming. Pohaku gave it more thoughts, then the project was conceived and born.

INSPIRED BY THE 100 Men Who Care on Maui, and the 100 Women Who Care on Maui, Pohaku embarked on a mission to find 100 REAL ESTATE AGENTS ON MAUI who will be willing to donate $100 each to a non-profit organization, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY MAUI. Why focus on Real Estate Agents? Here is why …

Real Estate agents’ job includes helping people find their dream homes. However, not all are fortunate to have the resources to buy a home.

Habitat for Humanity is known for helping people make their dream come true of owning a home. And they do a great job at it. Learn more about Habitat For Humanity on this video:


So here is the idea:

What if we connect them together – the Maui Real Estate Agents and Habitat For Humanity? We thought something great can come out of it.


And that is the solution I was talking about. Yes, it is a “small part” of a solution to a huge problem. But it is a solution nonetheless. The Start Fish Story come to mind (see video at the end of this post)

From experience, I know that Real Estate Brokers and Agents are a generous group of people who are always willing to give back to the community. We understand that there are many needs out there. There are many non-profit organizations that they can donate with.

Why donate to this project?

1. To support a high school senior student, who plans to be a realtor someday, make difference on Maui. This is supporting the value of giving back.

2. To support a reputable nonprofit organization that is directly related to the real estate industry, with the same mission: to help people purchase a house to make them their home.

By now you might be thinking … ok, this project is for realtors. I am not a Real Estate Agent. This post is probably not for me. Wait … that is not true…


In this post I would like to reach out to YOU … all of you .. to be a part of this solution to a housing crisis. Yes, yes, it’s a small part of the solution but we need to start somewhere.

So if you are not a realtor, what can you do to help support this project? SHARE.

  1. Share about this project with your realtor. I believe that if we have strong support from the community as a whole, we will have strong support from the real estate brokers and agents as well.
  2. Like our Facebook Page: 100 Real Estate Agents Who Care on Maui. Then share about this project to family and friends. Again, the more support we have in the community, the more successful this campaign is going to be.


This project is in the beginning stage. It is evolving. A website is under construction and will be launched soon. Once the website is launched, Pohaku and people who support this project will be reaching out to the Real Estate Agents and Brokers on Maui.

I am very excited about this project. You want to know why? Because for me this is sort of a “Pay It Forward”.

I live in a beautiful home here on Maui but this only was made possible because my former employer, Spencer Homes, helped me purchase this home. Without their support and financial assistance, we would have been able to purchase this home.

As mentioned earlier, the STARFISH Story comes to my mind when I think about Pohaku and his desire to help a family in need of a home on Maui. Below is the video I was talking about. Watch this and then head to the 100 Real Estate Agents Who Care FB Page and like it.  Mahalo for your support!