Moving to Maui? Or Need To Buy A Home? Check out Prudential Locations Realty on Maui

Many of the emails I receive from the readers of A Maui Blog are about their possible move to Maui.  One of the common questions is  “shall we buy or shall we rent?”.  My personal opinion is “rent” first, then “buy”.  However, there are circumstances when buying a house on Maui right away instead of renting first makes more sense.  It really depends on the situation.  Since I am not a realtor, I usually just give a limited answer and then I refer them to friends who are realtors and can give a more specific advice.

A couple of weeks ago, Neal from Prudential Locations Real Estate contacted me to inform me that they have recently updated their website which includes market report analysis that A Maui Blog’s readers might find helpful.  One of A Maui Blog’s missions is to help local businesses on Hawaii, especially Maui, and so I agreed on doing a shout out post for them.  I checked it out and it’s a good realty website to explore especially when you are looking for s place to buy.

Of course, I do not just do a shout-out on everyone who e-mails me.  One of the reasons I agreed is because I knew they give quality services to their clients.  We have a friend whose family moved from California to Maui, then Maui to California, then back again from California to Maui – and in all those moves, they relied on their Prudential Locations Maui agent to find them a place to live.  They were satisfied with their services, and trust their recommendation.

The other day I was reading an article about Maui being in the Top 10 of places where people buy their second home.  I also read an article that Maui is one of the happiest place to live in.  Whether you are planning to buy your second home on Maui, or place to move here, and you need a place to live – check out the Prudential Locations Real Estate website and you might find your dream home there.

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    1. What is really “shameful” is leaving a comment like this on a blog instead if politely asking how much I charge for a promotion on my blog. You also left a similar comment on my other post which I also replied. What kind of reputation are you giving to others by leaving such comments. Do you think potential clients would want you to be their realtor when they see a comment like this? Just sayin’ … It’s 3AM and I am tired I probably would have just ignored your comment had I not been so tired, but this reallu bothered me. This blog is a labor of love and this is the first “bad” comment I have gotten from a Maui local since I started the blog.

  1. So because it’s 3am then it’s ok for you to do shameful posts? and my clients love me as their relator, so dont you worry about it.

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