Kamaole Beach III (2)

There are a 1001 chores, errands and tasks that I need to do right now, but I decided to put them off in favor of writing a blog post. Well, it’s about time! I have not written a blog posts for  months simply because I regarded others tasks and responsibilities more important than blogging.  Well, today, blogging takes the top priority, and so here it goes.

Next week, on Sunday, I will be turning 50. FIFTY! That’s half a century old.  I have been talking about this  for weeks (or months). I am turning 50 and I am actually excited about it! I am hosting a celebration at the beach to thanks family and friends for being part of my 50 years on earth.  #lizamauiturns50 is the hashtag. Stay tuned 🙂

22 years of my 50 years on earth were spent on Maui, and many more years to come.  Maui is really my home now.  I do miss my family and friends in the Philippines (a lot), but I am also thankful that I now live on Maui.

So, without further adoo…  let me share with you some random thoughts I have in relation to events happening in my life right now….

Finding a close group of friends, a.k.a. OHANA is an important  key to survival on Maui.  I understand that friendships do not grow overnight.  A relationship has to be nurtured for an acquaintance to be considered a friend, and for a friend to be considered an ohana.  But you have to start somewhere.  Sometimes magic happens when you simply are loved with wonderful people you feel like you don’t deserve, but most of the time, you really have to seek these friendships. You have to start being a friend to others because you are considered to be their friend.  As I as I mentioned earlier – we have to nurture our relationships – we have to invest time together to make it grow.

As for me, there are several places I found these special friends: at church (Hope Chapel Maui) at work/profession (I have developed good friends in places I worked/work and though social media) through my kids  friends (it’s amazing how parents of kids friends quickly become friends and bond) and last but not the least through the women’s group I joined called “Maui Women Live Out Loud”. I love living on Maui, but I certainly know that without close friends I wouldn’t have survived living here, even with all the beauty of this paradise.


These are my #MWLOL Ohana – on our first Hana Retreat. Love these ladies very much!


School and Education for your kids on Maui – it really not as bad as they say it is.  Of the many emails I get about people moving to Maui,  question  about the schools on Maui is one of the most asked. Hawaii do not have a good reputation when it comes to “school”. However, it really is up to you, your kids and your family to make it work.  My son recently graduated from High School at Kihei Charter High School and I am telling you, their class is full of intelligent, passionate learners and doers who are destined to do something great for our community and our world. And not only from Kihei Charter but in other school private and public. So next time you hear about how terrible schools are here on Maui, don’t believe it 100%. Sure the schools are not perfect and have lots of room for improvements, but it really is not that bad.  And while I am on this topic, let me share with you a photo of my son who recently graduated from Kihei Charter High School.  I am very proud of this young man … of what he had become and what he will be.  Exciting adventures ahead of him!

Gardner graduation

Hawaii Graduation

I included a family photo os us. If you haven’t been to any Hawaii graduation, this is how we do it 🙂 – Tons of leis for the graduates, including floaters and candy leis 🙂


Ok, I think I’ve rambled enough. Two topics are enough for today.  Will be back again later, but for now let me share with you some of photos from my morning walk. This beach, Kamaole Beach III, is walking distance from our house and I usually walk there on weekend mornings. Enjoy and Aloha!

Kam III Maui

Kamaole Beach III (1)

Kamaole Beach Park

 Consider this blog post a reboot.  I hope to blog regularly again. Crossing my fingers. A hui hou!