Young girl victim of rock slide at Kipahulu, MauiI heard the news on a Launiapoko girl who had a tragic accident at Kipahulu on Tuesday. I was shocked. I was saddened. I did not tweet about it. I did not post the news on my Facebook wall.  I was weighing it out.  The news hit me hard in a couple spots.  It hit me hard as a mother.  The pain and sorrow that her parents are feeling right now is beyond description. It’s a horrible accident, one that we hope would only occur in nightmares and not in real life.  And to know that she is their only child … ugh, the sorrow is hard to comprehend. Then it also hit me a s a Maui resident, and as local who loves hiking at Kipahulu.  We were just there a couple months ago and enjoyed our hike at the Pipiwai Trail, the Bamboo Forrest to the Waimoku Falls.  Who would have thought that a sudden rock slide there would take the life of a beautiful young girl. Oh, it’s sad. it’s very sad.

Maui News wrote an article today about Sophia.  She is a girl “full of energy” and so adorable. Friends and family remembers her fondly. She is a lovable little girl who is fun to be around.  Family and friends love her dearly.

When a good friend of ours lost their son to a sudden death, she mentioned that sometimes people think that when you stop talking about the person who passed away, it helps the grieving family.  But on the contrary, she recommends that we talk about them, that we remember them, and honor them.  That is why I am writing this post. To remember and honor Sophia.  I beseech your prayers for Sophia’s family.  They need all the support they can get. As for Sophia, I trust that she is in a better place.  I know that saying such a cliche as “she is in a better place now” does not really help the grieving family and friends, and yet that’s one hope we can give in a tragedy like this.  The pain is deep and dark and the pain will be there for a long time …

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