Running on Maui Part 2

The following photos were taken together with these photos on Running on Maui Part 1.  This post will focus more on the trees I see when I run. First,  the Rainbow Shower Tree. This one is huge.  It’s blooming season right now and they are all over the place.  It’s a very pretty tree, although it does make a lot of mess …

Rainbow Shower Tree
Rainbow Shower Tree

A closer look will reveal the flowers clustered in a bouquet like fashion.  When I was a little girl, my friends and I used to pretend we were brides as we walked around carrying these,

Rainbow Shower Flowers

Now comes the Mango Tree.  It is also in season. In our neighborhood alone,many homeowners have their own mango trees in their yard.  Usually, they share the fruit.  There are many varieties, the bigger one is called Haden and the smaller one is Julie

Mango Tree Blooming With Fruit
A closer look at the mangoes
A closer look at the mangoes

Now for the finale, what do you think about this carved tree (ok, not a tree anymore) ?

9 thoughts on “Running on Maui Part 2”

  1. You’re making me so homesick but I’m glad to see the photos! We had two mango trees in our yard in Manoa Valley; one of them was a Hayden. Us kids loved climbing the trees, eating the ripe mangos and the green ones sliced with shoyu.

    The rainbow shower tree brought me equally nani memories… thank you!

    Mokihana’s last blog post..Da Kine Saturday

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