Aloha A Maui Blog Readers! After being in haitus on this blog for a couple of weeks, I imposed a  “no new blog post, no tweet”  to mysef to make sure I update this blog before I get too involved twittering. That threat worked because here I am with this new blog post!  Speaking of Twitter, one of my friends there asked “do you ever go to the beach?” I laughed out loud when I read it and replied back “is it obvious from my postings that I don’t? Or I don’t as much as I should be?”. The truth is that I after that question I realized that I really do not go to the beach as much. That’s not good.  So this Saturday morning I ran near the beach instead of my usual route. I went to Polo Beach. The view there is spectacular. I will let the photos speak for themselves:






This post is Part 3 of the “Running on Maui” series. These are also my Weekly Winners entries for this week. For more Weekly Winner photos, please visit Sarcastic Mom Blog. Mahalo!