Photo credit: Mike Licht from Flickr

So here’s the big news: I am keeping A Maui Blog! (happy squeeell!).  Yes! I will not be listing A Maui Blog. I did not even get to that point. I could not do it.  It is too valuable for me.  But we found a way to save A Maui Blog so I would not have to put it up for “adoption“.  I am so happy I can dance! (No, that dance won’t be uploaded on YouTube – uh-uh!)

There are a many reasons why I decided to keep A Maui Blog. A lot of “talk stories” about it to follow.  However, here’s the one “who closed the deal“.  He’s the one who is making it possible for me to keep A Maui Blog:  Tada!: Her name is Sarah and she is now known as @mauiloveblog!  Ahhh… don’t you just love her Twitter handle? I do! I do!

Like what I said earlier, there are many reasons why I decided to keep A Maui Blog. I will share more about it later.  But for now, I want to share more about Sarah.

Remember when I said on my “I would be selling A Maui Blog announcement”  that the reason I want to let it go is because I need to spend more time with my kids?  Well, the heaven opened up and brought Sarah into my life!  Now I can still spend more time with my kids and have someone who is as passionate as I am about Maui and living on Maui handle the daily activities of A Maui Blog. I am so excited about us teaming up to keep A Maui Blog going.  It’s an answered to prayer!  It’s like a match made in heaven! (Thank you@TikiTales for hooking us up)  Here are some reasons why we’re a match:

* Sarah is single and I am a mom with 2 kids (a tween and a teen).  Sarah has more time in her hands and she wants to share it with me. Now, the neat thing is that in her heart of heart, what she really wants to be someday is to be a wife and a mom.  She has the same passion as I have for a family. Pretty awesome I’d say!

* Sarah a.k.a. is smart, beautiful, talented and very creative. She is great at creating websites and she loves doing it. She knows HTML very well.  However, she is a newbie in social media.  And that’s where why expertise comes in.  So you see, we are a perfect fit.  I will be mentoring her how to be a savy on social media and she in turn will be making my life easier by helping me with the geeky stuff involved in website administration. I can see her as being s social media maven very quickly.  She already started her blog and it’s a joy to read it. Check it out here.

So you see, Sarah is meant to be part of A Maui Blog.  I love it that it’s written in her Facebook page that one of her interests are: “helping people who need it“.  That is a one of the values that transcends A Maui Blog.  We are here to help people who needs it.  We area also here to share happiness and fun.

Whew! I can go on and on on how relieved I feel after meeting her and how excited I am about doing A Maui Blog together.  I have feeling we are gonna rock the internetz!  So to all the A Maui Blog fans … thank you for all your support and we’ll continue on! We’ve only just begun!


P.S. This post is my official entry to the Works For Me Meme at “We Are That Family” blog.  Yes, as you can see, having a blogging partner works for me! For more ideas on what works, visit Kristen in here.