She Decided to Join NaBloPoMo And Talk Story About Maui Like She Never Had Before

November is National Blog Posting Month, a.k.a. NaBloPoMo.  It’s the first day today, and it’s already creating quite a stir in the blogosphere!  I see NaBloPoMo all over the internet and several of our members at Maui Bloggers Group are participating and have already posted their first post!

Talk about getting rejuvenated (I feel like I am just dicovering how it is to blog); talk about kicking my bootie (I had been slacking in the blogging arena and this will get me back in the “game”); talk about returning to my passion of talking story – talking about things we are interested about! These all sounds really good to me.

I like what Sarah, The Ohana Mama said on how she’ll go about NaBloPoMo. She said  “I’m planning on writing as if no one is reading and just going for it. I plan on posting videos, collages, photographs, what ever my heart desires.” That sounds like a great plan, and so I will do the same!

To those of you who are still wondering what is NaBloPoMo is,  the Wise Geek explained it here.

So “see” you tomorrow,  and everyday of the month for November!  I will be talking story each. and. every. day!

Tomorrow the topic is wedding … because I love beautiful gorgeous weddings, especially here on Maui.


P.S. – Thanks Courtney for posting about this in Maui Bloggers Network

8 thoughts on “She Decided to Join NaBloPoMo And Talk Story About Maui Like She Never Had Before”

  1. I’m in too. I sometimes worry that what I write is off topic, since I’m the dog lady… but when I just start writing there is tons to write about dogs as well as I’ve been told over and over that my strong point, where I stand out from other “trainer type dog people” is my way of relating real live and how we view to the joy and beauty of the world the playful eyes of dogs.

    Love this challenge and I’m really going to enjoy sharing it with many of you.

    1. Hi JT! You can try to break your posts up a bit. If there are say, different parts of a post topic, split it into different individual posts. Shorter posts but more quantity.

      Other than just dog training, you could talk about different breeds, spotlight people’s dogs, book reviews of books that have a dog theme, spotlight other bloggers in your genre and spotlight events on other islands as well as on Maui (Paws on the path for example on Oahu).

      So much you can do! That said you know I blog about anything and everything so who am I to talk?

  2. The thought of doing this exhausts me. I’m impressed you’re going for it, and I don’t doubt you’ll pull it off. Next year, I may give it a go. ALOHA!

  3. Go Liza go! The whole point of NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo is to get the writing juices (or in your case talk story pog) going.

    I’m so glad several of you are participating because it means I get to read more from you.

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