Have some stuff to do at home but I thought I should quickly post some shopping related da kines since it’s Black Friday today.  If you are going out shopping on Maui, or thinking of what to buy, or what to give for a gift, please check these out:

1) The coupon below is for Monday but Mauithing also have a Sale today so stop by their store. Lots of neat hip clothing in there!

2) This Gina and Friends Craft Fair has been going on for a long time.  To be honest, I have not gone to one yet although most of my friends have and they say it’s one of the best Christmas craft fair there in on Maui.  That’s the place you can buy the fabric pineapple like the ones I posted on A Maui Blog Facebook Page.

3) The one below is a special CD.  You can order by e-mailing Holly (e-mail address in the video).  Later today, Holly and I are going to meet and we’ll set up a blog/website for this so you can also order via that website.  I will put up the link as soon as we set it up.  For now, you can e-mail:

For more information on A Silent Night, go to their website HERE.