Who says it does not snow on Maui?

I grew up in a tropical country. I had never seen snow when I moved to Maui. Since it’s another tropical island, I never expected to see snow here too. But in January of 2005, it snowed up at Haleakala mountain! Since my kids and I haven’t seen “real snow” at that time, my husband immediately took us up the summit. We drove to the peak of Haleakala Mountain late afternoon (stayed there until 10 PM) to experience the snow. It was so much fun!

My husband is from Connecticut so he’s not as excited about snow as we are (his wifey and kids). But I am sure he was please that he drove us up there because we were so happy – we played and played with the little bit of snow up there.

Here are some of the photos I’d like to share:

I found some winner photos on the net of the Haleakala Summit
when it snowed back in 2002. Click HERE.

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