My kids and I are counting. Just a few more days before Spring Break – yahoo!!!!  Hapa Boy and Hapa Girl go to a public school, and the State of Hawaii’s public school system adapted a “year round” school calendar so we have two full weeks of spring break. What to do? what to do?

Thanks to “unemployment” (see, it can be a blessing in disguise) I  will be home with the kids this year instead of us sending them to a YMCA A+ day camp. We are  planning some fun activities and I thought I would share these activities with you. First on the list is Keanae! We are going there and staying for  a couple of days together with our friends the K’s. We are sooo excited!

Our dear friends, the K’s, owns a cabin  in the Keanae  peninsula right next to the ocean. It’s so beautiful there. It’s one of our favorite places on Maui, and actually one of my favorite places on earth.  It’s halfway to  to Hana from Kihei. It has all the beauty of Hana but we don’t have to drive as far all the way to Hana.  The place is magical – it’s a wonderful place to reflect, to heal and to rejuvenate.

Hapa kids love it there. It’s great because there are so many things to do away from the computers and all the electronics stuff that the kids are so attached to these days. It’s a place to enjoy the nature and the beauty of God’s creation. To name a few of the fun things to do:  1) Go to Ching’s pond and play in the water or jump on the water falls, 2) fly kite on the huge ball field next to the old church, 3) play in the taro field (yes, get all muddy!), 4) have a camp fire at night, 5) Go prawning at night (yey, they give me all the prawns to cooks and eat – love them!) 6) Jump in the ocean and swim 7) play in the shore exploring river rocks and lava rocks. 8 ) Go diving and fishing, and even catch a taco 9) Go hiking at the arboretum or all the way to the birds island. We also do a lot of relaxation like reading, playing board games and napping.

Now if you are visiting Maui or about to visit and I got you all excited about Keanae, let me give you a tip.  The YMCA on Maui owns a place in Keanae and you can rent a place to stay for a reasonable price. Here’s their website for more information on Camp Keanae.

*Note: I will be adding a lot of photos on this post later today. Please check back later. For now I have to TACKLE packing and getting ready 🙂  Yes, that’s my Tackle It Tuesday to do -start packing so we won’t forget anything (we usually do).

Question for discussions and  comments: Have you been to Keanae?  What do you like best there? Are are your plans for Spring break? Please share some activities your family are planning so we can get ideas from you too :). Aloha!