Random Thoughts in my head about Blogging and Vlogging

I created a video yesterday and in there I shared about the reasons why I deleted all the Hula videos and all other videos I uploaded that referenced Alakai’s Hula videos. in my YouTube Channel.

I also shared about a new series I am starting on that YouTube Channel called Cultivating Gratitude.

Then I realized that the video was quite long. I thought of just deleting the video after I uploaded it. But then again I thought: “What the heck, just leave it there”.

After watching that video I also decided not to focus on monetizing my Channel anymore. Not that I won’t I just won’t focus on it, won’t talk about it on any video I will create, and will just create videos that would be helpful and valuable to my viewers. The income will come when the viewers are happy and satisfied.

As I was thinking about vlogging, my blogger part of me asked – “why vlog when you don’t even update your blog as often as you should?”

The answer is because that’s what people want nowadays.  Videos and/or Podcast. Because this is part of my job as an Interactive Media Strategist with Wailea Realty, I also want to learn, and learning is best achieved by doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still excited about blogging. It is my first love. Blogging is my cathartic jam, and I will continue to blog.

I have several blog posts already in line. I can’t wait to share them with you.

And I also have several videos in line for Visit Live Love Maui. It is part of the Cocktail Series collaboration I did with the Old Lahaina Rum and Christina Haywood R(B) who has a beautiful condo listing at Keala o Wailea.

The first video in a delicious cocktail for Thanksgiving is scheduled to be published this week. I’m excited about it!

The busy Holiday season is just around the corner. I can feel it. I have to remind myself to be mindful.  My friend Kamsin is doing a Mindful Christmas Advent. I decided to join.  You can too.

Enough rambling for now.  Here is the video I was talking about. I added the Time Stamp so you can just skip what you don’t like and check out the part you like. It is quite a long video 🙂


1:31 Starting Over … explained why I deleted all the Hula Videos on this channel 6:30 Talked about Gratitude Series 7:50 Five Minute Journal 8:30 Five Things That I am grateful for 12:43 Just the ocean view (no Liza 🙂 ) 13:53 Liza is back 🙂


And just before I hit publish on this post, I got notification of a comment on this video. It touched me deeply. What a loving encouragement!



Mahalo Kathleen Montemayor. Your Aloha is heartfelt and very much appreciated!