Photo Credit: Michael McGill

Last night my skin broke Hives.  I’m not sure if I said that right but you get what I mean.  It started in the morning, one of my legs had an itchy bumps and I thought it was just an irritation from running into my old jammies …. then I thought, maybe our dog who sleeps with us rolled in some kind of poisonous plant  (kind like poison ivy) and he accidentally rubbed it on me.  Anyway, that was the start.  By the time I got home from work that night,  my whole body was covered with hives.  I texted our close friend who is a doctor.  He called me back, and after questions and inquiries of what’s happening, and was prescribed antihistamine and then we’ll observe it.  Took the pill last night, and this morning the hives are gone.

When the hives in my body broke last night, my first thought was it’s stress related.  But that was just my gut feeling.  Then I googled it and found out that there really is a condition called “Stress Hives”.  Stress in paradise? You’ve got to be kidding me, right?  I live on Maui … what’s there to be stress about?  It’s like being on vacation 365 days a year, right? Riiiiiight (with a sarcastic tone emphasized – lol!)

Photo Credit: Michael McGill

Like what I said, hives are gone.  I am sure the antihistamine helped. I am also thinking that recognizing it for what it is helped too.  Truth was, I was doing some stress management strategies already prior to the hives breaking out. I think my body was just too slow to adopt and apply my anti-stress strategies, that it actually tried to help me relieve of my stresses by throwing out histamine in my system.  In realtime, yesterday was really a good day for me, especially at work.  That morning at work I was able to clarify and sort our things that was causing me stress and dealt with it by discussing it with my bosses. The “discussion” turned out well so that was good (I am blessed  to have the job I have the the people I work with). So my body should have recognized that  I wasn’t as stressed as I was, but as I said earlier … but I guess it too late.  It’s already released the histamine that caused the hives.

The work related things that were already resolved well is only a part of the stressors.  The stressors are not just Major Events or Happenings.  Stress can be a result of  many little things … of big and little things.  Not all bad, some are actually good, but still gives stress.  One example of a good stress is that my son is going to move to LA in January and go to a prestigious Animation School.  It’s great right? But the thought of him moving to LA and all the things that go with it are stressors too.

Photo Credit: Michael McGill

So in this space right now, I just deleted a long paragraph about another stressor in my life at the moment.  Oh I know, I am such a tease by telling You I almost shared something and then decided not to share.  Well, I had this check in my intuition saying …. “Do you really have to blog about that? And when that voice asks that question, wisdom ensues that I do the most cautious thing.  Better safe than sorry.  So, so much for that other stress that is actually  Maui related and I thought fits perfectly on this blog.  I am sure it would have elicited lots of comments. But nope, wont go there.

And oh, speaking of A Maui Blog … I still have several blogging commitments and social media promotion commitments I have to fulfill.  Oh yes those are stressors too.  I love writing blog posts and promoting Maui Biz on social, the stress comes in the form of “not having enough time or not being able to find time to do it as much as I want to”.

So this is my “venting” for the day.  Thanks for listening.  I usually do this kind of post on my personal blog and not here on my A Maui Blog but I thought it’s good to be authentic here and not just talk about the beauty of paradise without telling the other side of it.

I hope to write another Thanksgiving Post but if I don’t get a chance, I want to wish you now:  Happy Thanksgiving!