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Watch Kuleana, The Movie – Practice Kuleana, The Hawaiian Culture

How you seen the movie KULEANA yet?  If not, go soon see it soon! Visit Hawaiian Cinema  to get the scoop on where it is showing and dates and time. Before I  continue with this blog post, please allow me to make some disclosures that I think many of you my dear readers can relate […]

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Aloha Friday: Hawaiian Scentsations

Happy Aloha Friday everyone! This week’s edition of Aloha Friday here at A Maui Blog is all about scents…. My question for this week is “What is your favorite scent? ” I know it’s hard to pick one so you can put as many as you want. This question was triggered by my impromptu visit […]

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Po La’i e (Silent Night )

Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,Maluhia, malamalamaKa makuahine aloha eMe ke keiki hemolele eMoe me ka maluhia laniMoe me ka maluhia laniPo la`i e, po kamaha`o,Oni na kahu hipa eI ko ka lani nani noMele na `anela haleluia.Hanau `ia Kristo ka haku.Hanau `ia Kristo ka haku. Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,Keiki hiwahiwa aloha e,Ka lama la`i […]

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Aloha Prizes – Check This Out

This is from Go Visit Hawaii Site: At the end of September, I announced a new reader reward contest. The prizes include an awesome Hawaiian music CD by Iz, handmade pineapple scented candle, wooden surfboard book mark, dashboard swaying hula dancer, Hawaiian pictorial 2008 calendar, book for Hawaii visitors, Hawaiian shirt sticky note pad, and […]

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