How you seen the movie KULEANA yet?  If not, go soon see it soon! Visit Hawaiian Cinema  to get the scoop on where it is showing and dates and time.

Before I  continue with this blog post, please allow me to make some disclosures that I think many of you my dear readers can relate to. I will speak candidly of my feelings about the movie, so please be gentle when you disagree with my perspective as you leave your comment below.  First, I am not Hawaiian.  I am a local who was flown not grown.  I  am originally from the Philippines, married a man from Connecticut who moved to Maui  (he now has been living here for about 30 years I have been living here for 24 years).  With all these disclosures in the background, I must confess that I initially I was not sure about going to watch Kuleana, the movie.  I was afraid that I might feel awkward while watching.  I was concern that I might feel I am not “welcome” to live on Maui… I place that I truly love and call home.  I was concern that the movie might be for  Hawaiians, and not for me.” …

But after musing more about it … I told myself … it is my “Kuleana” to learn about the Hawaiian culture even though I am not Hawaiian because I live here and I have fallen in love with Hawaii and its people.  So I have put my fear and hesitation aside and decided to watch it.   Now here is another disclosure – I have not seen it yet.  Not because I didn’t want to, it’s just that everytime I plan to go, a conflict in my schedule arose.  I procrastinated on writing a blog post about it because I wanted the watch it first before I write/talk about it … but it’s getting late … so many wonderful things worth sharing are already happening and the word about this award-winning movie must go out and be shared, so here I am blogging about it without having watched it yet.  I am hoping to go see this on Tuesday.  I will let you know how it goes.  However, don’t wait for my review. Go see it for yourself. All my friends who’ve seen it said it is a great movie and a “Must Watch”.   Recommended for both Hawaiians and  Non-Hawaiians.

Visit Hawaiian Cinema  to get the scoop on where it is showing and dates and time, and also on how you can request that it be shown in your are in the mainland.

For example. those living on LA,  the LA Premiere in the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 5