Thanksgiving season is a high season as far as Maui Tourism is concern.  Many come to Maui for various reasons.  I am already noticing many on the malls and the beaches.  They are more crowded than usual (crowded is relative).

One of the topics that visitors Google when they are here is “Thanksgiving on Maui – where to go”.  And so I would like to provide various links that would help them with the search.  I actually initially was planning to do a list of options myself but after searching and reading what other Maui locals have put together, I thought it is best to just link up.  So here they are – go to these links for information on where to go when celebrating Thanksgiving on Maui; when you are visiting and you don’t have family and friends here (or if your family just wants to take it easy and not cook):

MAUI DISH (part of MAUITIME)@JenRusso did an outstanding job posting on her blog and giving you the various options you have. I like the way she grouped them together. Click here.

MAUI RESTAURANTS BLOG – This is the official website of the authors of the book “Top Maui Restaurants”.  James and Molly Jacobson has a comprehensive updates listing especially for Thanksgiving.  Click here.

HAWAII FOR VISITORS – Kathy Fry also has a good list, from a cruise to luxurious. Click here.

PARADISE FOUND IN MAUI –  I am adding this late. I just discovered another post by my bloggy friend Sheralyn a.k.a. @ParadiseInMaui.  Since it’s still several days before Thanksgiving, I am adding the link here for more choices for you.  As usual, she did a great job informing us what’s available and recommending some good options. Click here.

I appreciate the above websites and blog putting the list together making it easy for us (especially the visitors) to look at our choices.  As for my family, we are having a couple of friends over for an “Ohana Kine Thanksgiving”.

To everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! Aloha! And before I forget, to stop by my older post on Thanksgiving on Maui featuring the “Turkey in a Bikini – Thanksgiving Maui Style”  for fun and then please come back here to comment 🙂