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I find myself getting involved in many projects nowadays. Sometimes it seems a bit too many.  And yet … but then … lo and behold… another project comes to mind! I could not shake this out of my head.  I knew it must be done, and so it will be. Here’s the scoop:

The Shiraishi family and I are partnering in a venture to sell Aloha shirts with some good old fashion aloha spirit.  I am tempted to tell you the whole story of how this came about but I won’t because that would be long.  I would like this post to be short and amazing. I would like this post to motivate you to buy because you too want to spread the Aloha around. Let me now talk in bullet points to highlight why these shirts exudes aloha:

1. Part of the profit will be donated to our friend Curt who is battling brain cancer at this time.  He and his family do not know that we are doing this.   It’ll be a surprise.  So I am hoping we sell a lot so we can give a lot. I know that what we will give them would only be a drop in a bucket of their huge expense, but whatever little bit helps.

2. The prices of these Aloha Wear are almost half of the retail price. The Adult Aloha Shirts or Aloha Dresses are being sold for $25 each (retail $45) ; the Children’s wear are $10 each (retail $24). I am not kidding! Go to Salt & Light Designs for you to see, and all of those items are half price when you buy from A Maui Blog.

3. These clothing are very high quality aloha wear! The people sews the Reyn Spooners shirts are the same people who sews these.  People who are into Aloha Shirts know that Reyn Spooners shirts are top quality shirts. You are getting the same craftsmanship and fabric quality for a lesser price.

4. Christmas is almost here, and you can buy these for presents. You will be happy to know that you bought it for a cause and that you got a great deal.  With this economy, being frugal is a necessity, and buying these aloha wears are defibitely being frugal.

I am hoping to be at the Wailuku First Friday tomorrow. Their theme this month is Practice Aloha!  I am hoping I can sell these shirts there. Since I procrastinated on calling them to save a booth, I will not know until tomorrow wether they have a space left for me or not.  If they don’t I will still sell these shirts online.  Here’s how you can order:

1.  First, go to Salt & Light Design and choose the what Aloha Wear you’d want to buy. Do not place your order on that website, or else you’d have to pay full retail price.

2. E-mail me (see the contact tab above) the size, design and quantity of your order.

3. I will send you a paypal bill which you must pay before I ship the item. Most likely I sill use the Priority Mail in mailing if you live outside of Maui.

I can think of many possible uses of these Aloha Wear.  Give it as an appreciation gift to your pastor and church workers.  On wedding these can be the groomsmen’s aloha attire.  These can be used as uniform for  small company.  This can be the attire for a choral group or halau. The possibilities are endless.

Now,  if you really do not need to buy or do not want to buy or cannot afford to buy, would you at least spread the word? Tweet, Re-tweet, Share on your  Facebook, or even share in your YouTube Channel.  Please leave a comment or any suggestions you may have.  Mahalo!


Note: For ALOHA FRIDAY participants, my question for you today is “How do you express “aloha”?  It does not matter if it’s in a small way or a big way, it’s “doing” the pono and aloha thing that matters most.  After you answer that question, be sure to stop by Kailani at An Island Life to see the other participants