Yesterday I uploaded some beautiful photos of the Maui Sunset.  I titled it “Magical Maui Sunset“.  I wanted to write a blog post to go with it but I knew that if I waited for me to write, the time would pass and the photos would not be shared right away as I intended.  So I opted to share those photos first , and now here’s the story:

I was at Hope Chapel in Kihei dropping off my son for his Jr. High group.  As I looked at the Haleakala view, I saw that the scenery has a beautiful glow in it. I knew it usually happens when a glowing sunset is happening across and so I looked … and indeed there was

On my way home, I decided to turn left on Welakahao to drive to the South Kihei Road instead of Piilani High Way.  While on the road I saw that the sun is setting in some gorgeous bright colors.  At the intersection of  Welakahao and South Kihei Road, I had to make a quick decision whether to turn left and go to the park or go straight and take my chance of finding a parking place in the neighborhood.  I chose to turn left.

Initially I thought turning left was a mistake because I missed the actual setting of the sun.  However, it was not that big of a mistake because when I arrived at Kalama Park (the far North End) I was mesmerized by the colorful hue the Maui Sunset afterglow had. And that’s where the title “magical” came from….