4479704701_ffe85999fcHello again! If you are fashionably late too and just arrived at the Ultimate Blog Party, welcome! I am glad I am not the only one late. I actually did a quickie welcome post the other day just to make sure I don’t miss anyone who come visit A Maui Blog for the party. This is now the “official” welcome.

If you are wondering why I am smiling ear to ear on this photo of mine on the left, it’s because of these keiki cows that were so cute (I was taking a photo of them when Peter called me to take a photo of me) and the fact that I rode on the back of the pick-up truck while we were doing the tour at the Ulupalakua Ranch. That was really fun! I used that photo on this post so you would know that I am also very happy to “blog-meet” you. Thanks for stopping by.

The truth is, I am at McDonald’s right now, here in Wailuku Maui, using their Wifi. You see, I am a working Maui Mama and I am always busy and most often on the run doing errands, driving my kids to school, classes, etc. etc. Many friends ask me when do I have time to blog and tweet. The answer is I wake up at a wee hour in the morning (like 4AM) and sometimes stay late at night (if I don’t fall asleep on my key board). Gotta do what I have to do. I enjoy blogging and all things social media. I think it’s a great tool in connecting people all around.

My daughter’s dance class is almost over so I have to end this post for now. Enjoy the party! Last time I look there are about 2,000 participants already! Talk about a huge party!

By the way, I said I would give away another prize on my next post. So I am. When you leave a comment here, you will be given a chance to win a CD by Derick Sebastian.  I tell you, that guy does wonderful music with his ukulele!

OK, really got to go… party on! Aloooha!

Photo credit: This photo was taken by Peter Liu during our #MalamaMaui tour with Maui Visitors Bureau.

P.S. oh here’s my wish list if my name is drawn:

US $55 GC from Amazon donated by Kelly Lucky You

US52 $25 GC by Product Review Pl.

US55  $20 of 2 Boys 1 Wife

US114  $25 Walmart CG by Mary’s Country Life