Maui News announced today that the whales are back! There were some sightings on Lahaina which started October 8th. For details, go to Maui News here. Sometimes we can see whales from our lanai (deck) I better start looking 🙂

Pacific Whale Foundation had details on first sightings:

The photo z(on their website) was snapped on Thursday, October 9 by Captain “CJ” Clint Kostak of the Ocean Quest, at around 1:00 p.m., during Pacific Whale Foundation’s Lanai Wild Dolphin & Snorkel Eco-Adventure. The cruise was on its way back to Maui at the time. The humpback whale was a solitary humpback whale, located about two miles off the coast of Maui, near the resort area of Kaanapali.

The passengers enjoyed the unexpected bonus of watching the humpback whale, which milled about, not swimming in any particular direction. Captain CJ was able to photograph the whale as it lifted its tail flukes to dive beneath the sea….

Please go to the official website of Pacific Whale Foundation for the continuation of this article and for more photos. The photo above was taken from there. Go there for more.

And here is a video for you to enjoy: