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In my years of blogging here at A Maui Blog, one question that is often asked is “what is the best activity to do on Maui?”  My usual answer is it depends on what you like and enjoy doing. However, there is one activity that is almost guaranteed liked by everyone and I always highly recommend it.  That is sailing with Maui sailing trip with Trilogy.

Trilogy has an official website where you can read details of their sails.  There are many options to choose from, like The Ultimate Seafari, Discover Molokini tour, Discover Kaanapali and the Excusion to Island of Lanai.   I am not going to repeat what’s already been written there.  I thought that for this blog, you would be more interested in some inside scoops, or talk story on Trilogy – then you can go to the website for usual information like schedules and costs.   You know, I can share some inside story because my husband used to work for them, (long time ago).  He said they are one of the best employers in the island.  They treat all their employees as ohana (family) and so they are happy and content.  This in turn reflects on how the employees treat their customers – with a lot of respect and they make them feel as part of their ohana.  Many of the customers of Trilogy are “repeat visitors”.  They come back and sail with Trilogy everytime they come to visit.  That kind of loyalty reflects customer satisfaction. And Trilogy is very popular with locals too.  They are well respected in the island because they show respect to the island as well.

A few months ago I posted something on the Facebook wall of Visit Maui.  A young man from Norway, Joakim, saw my post and it turns out they were planning a trip to Maui for the first time.  We became friends via FB and I helped them plan their trip.  Of course I recommended sailing with Trilogy.  The long months of planning became reality two weeks ago when they arrived on Maui.  A day after their scheduled trip with Trilogy, I sent him a facebook message asking how it was.  below is the feedback I got:

Hi Liza! I will carry even more awesome memories back home after today. The trip was everything what we expected, and more. The boat was nice, the crew was nice and the trip was nice:) The conditions were good. And so was the food. When we were about to enter Lanai, we got to see a school of dolphins and I think I got some cool photos. I took some more over at the island before snorkling. Well, we tried out the snuba diving! It was an incredible experience to breath under water and spot fishes in all shapes and colors in every direction.. Later we had a swim before eating a nice meal together. After finishing the dinner, we were ready to head back to Lahaina. We sailed in by sunset, very satisfied …

Reading Joakim’s comment makes me want to sail at Trilogy again and  try one of their Lanai day trips.” I would like to see lots of dolphins as they did.  On the photo above you will also see some dolphins.  That was a photo taken by Michael Gingerich – they sailed with Trilogy a few days after Joakim and his mom and friends did.  Joakim is still sorting out the 1,300 photos he took while on Maui 🙂 Once they are up on his Facebook, I will share a link here.

There really are so many things good things to talk about Trilogy and just one blog post is not enough to capture the legacy it has on Maui. More to come.  In the meantime, if you are looking for something to do while on the island, try sailing with Trilogy – you’ll have fun.

Have you experienced sailing with Trilogy before?  Was it good as well? Please share your experience with us at the comments section.  I’d love to hear about your trip.

P.S. I just found this blog post about Trilogy on Living The Dream.  Nice!