Wailuku town has that funky, friendly small town charm so familiar to

generations of Mauians. And now, with the Wailuku Revitalization Project

in full swing, Market Street has taken on a brand new vibe… The result is a

one-of-a-kind blend of old and new that has residents and visitors flocking

down to shop, dine, groove with the live bands or take part in the wonder-

fully raucous street festivities every first Friday of the month. Come down

for a great time and help support the local community and businesses!

It’s Aloha Friday! For those who participate in this bloggy carnival hosted by Kalani, we know that this is the time to talk story about anything an everything. We ask a question and the readers answer on the comment section. No hard questions, just some topics for a fun Friday. Please come and us.

I posted this announcement of “Wailuku First Friday” on Thursday morning but I thought this is an appropriate” Aloha Friday post” since it’s about Friday 😉 Soo…. my question is “what are you doing this Friday to celebrate the Aloha Friday?” For my son and I, we will be at this Wailuku First Friday event. Hapa Boy will be selling cookies there to raise funds for him to go to a Youth Camp. If you are a Maui resident, or here visiting, I invite you to come to this event. It’s actually a very festive event at the heart of Wailuku town. I think you’ll enjoy it. We did 🙂