Hawaiian Style Iphone Case

You know you have been pretty busy when _________.  Yes, you can fill in the blank.  Most, if not all, of us know what it means to be busy.  For A Maui Blog, I know I’ve been busy when the same Wordless Wednesday post runs 2 weeks instead of one, and the  announcement of the drawing for 808Shells is delayed one week.  But alas, I am here now writing a post about it! And I am happy to announce the name of the winner: ANNITA AVON WEATHER! Avita “liked” and “shared” the post on her Facebook Profile.  Congratulations Annita, this gecko 808shells Iphone Case is now yours!

Now in case you don’t see me posting here in the next couple of weeks, it does not mean I am neglecting this blog.  On the contrary, I will be working in the background to get this blog a bit more organized and get it ready for the big Ultimate Blog Party!  So stay tuned because when I come back we will all have a huge party on this blog! A hui hou!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012