Weekly Winners – Winners at the Keawakapu Sand Sculpting Contest

These photos were supposed to be posted on last week’s weekly winners. I was trying to find out who won the contest so I can announce it with the post but to this date I still do not know. I looked at the newspapers everyday since the contest but there was not announcement (or maybe I missed it). So this week I decided to call them all winners! These are my Weekly Winners entries. Let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite:

Sand mermaid with a coconut boobs
Sand mermaid with coconut boobs
Turtle and Dolphin Sand Sculpture
Dolphin and Honu Playing Together
Mother and Baby Whale Sand Sculptue
Mother and Baby Whale Princess Having Fun
Dolphin Sand Sculpture
Dolphin Playing In the Bubbly Ocean
dolphin with shades sand sculpture 2
Cool Dolphin with the Shades
Tako Sand Sculpture
Huge Tako - Poke Anyone?
The Whale, The Honu And the Mairman
The Whale, The Honu and the Mairman?

It would be interesting to see which one will be picked as A Maui Blog winner on this post. Please let me know in the comment section below which one is your favorite. Mahalo! Also, when you are done voting, I invite you go to Lotus’ blog to visit the participants of the Weekly Winners Meme.  Lots of beautiful photos you’ll find there.