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Whole Foods Market was founded in Austin Texas in 1980, and since then it has grown to hundreds of stores in the USA, UK and Canada. Whole Foods Market opened up here on Kahului, Maui on Wednesday Feb 24th, and it had a very successful first day! Before I go on talking story about the first day of Whole Foods Kahului, let me back track a little bit and talk about my “sneak peek” experience. You see, A Maui Blog was invited to have a preview of WFM Kahului on February 17th.


And I was pretty impressed! I planned to blog about that experience right after the visit but my busy mama life did not allow me to do so. However, on that day I tweeted away about @WFMKahului and then uploaded the photos on A Maui Blog Facebook Fan Page for everyone to see what’s inside. After I tweeted about it and posted about it on my Facebook, I immediately got a couple of comments about “whole paycheck”. Huh? I was not quite sure what they meant. You see, that was my first experience with Whole Foods Market (thus the title of this post). WFMKahului is the very first Whole Food Store I have stepped my feet on. Thanks to Jenn Russo of A Maui Time, the issue about the “whole paycheck” was explained.


Moving on to the Grand Opening, it was a very festive day! It was a Wednesday so it’s a regular work day, but I managed to go there for the lunch break. I saw a lot of people I know like @Peterliu47. Other Tweeps were there too like @DaniaKatz, @DJSmook and @Raatz. One thing I like about WFM is the variety of choices I have for a meal – the salad bar, the hot food, etc. See photos below:



So for my ALOHA FRIDAY meme, the question is “Do you have a Whole Foods Market near you”? If yes, do you go there? Alternative question is “Do you like cooking”? “What healthy food do you like or recommend”?