A Maui Blog Re-organizing

Last Friday at Aloha Friday I shared about needing to write a post on A MAUI BLOG’s purpose or mission. I need to write a post on ABOUT A MAUI BLOG. While doing so I realized the need to re-organize. I had to re-think and come up with the new ways on how I am going maintain this blog to keep up with it’s mission.

While the main purpose of this blog is to help promote Maui’s culture and share the aloha spirit to everyone, one of the auxiliary mission is to help promote Maui business especially in this time of economic crisis. (Many of the owners of these small businesses do not have the time to start and maintain a blog of their own to promote their site. Many of them do not even know what a blog is. Many opted to pay for a traditional website, and after paying a large amount of money setting it up, it’s buried in the internet because they couldn’t afford to hire someone to do the SEO.)

As I think more about that, one thing that really stood out is the need to turn this blog into a collaborative blog. As much as I wanted to write a lot of quality posts talking story of Maui’s business, I realized that I have limited time on my hands. If I want this blog to have a substantial amount of quality content, I need to create a team… an A MAUI BLOG OHANA. Therefore, I can focus on the administrative and social networking aspect of the blog. I can focus on promoting while ensuring that when readers come here, they will find quality, helpful posts. You know what the blog experts always say: content is the king 🙂

And so for the next couple of weeks, I will focus my energy in doing just that. Forming an A MAUI BLOG OHANA, and spreading the word about the collaboration that is about to happen here.

That this sound good to you? Wanna join? Leave a comment of e-mail me a lizamaui(at)yahoo(dot)com.

8 thoughts on “A Maui Blog Re-organizing”

  1. Great idea, having some focus on Maui businesses! After all, in many cases local, independently owned small businesses are entwined with the culture of Maui anyway; it’s an organic connection.

    …And then there’s the Maui Taco in Kihei and…is it Lahaina where the other one is? YUM.

  2. Your article rings true with my experience of running my own small online some years back.

    I set up and launched an online delicatessen which sold the produce of small farmers and producers.

    It was different, there was a demand locally and nationally, and it was different from other delicatessens.

    I hired a web design company to set up a super web site which had e-commerce capabilities.

    But, I had no money left to market it effectively and it broke the business.

    The lessons were that I should have spent far less on the web site, more time building my business at small markets to begin with, more time writing a blog about food and producers which pointed to my web site and developed my business more cheaply using suitable web methods.

    If I had done this, then I would have enabled the business to survive and kept vital cash in the business while still promoting it through my blog and web site.

    Keep up your good work!

    Will Hawkins – UK

  3. Aloha,
    I wanna play! Sounds like a great idea – a Maui ohana blog! Lets do it! Oh, I have a few good stories to share too…

  4. Hey Liza

    You know what? It’s only today I realize what a ‘Maui’ is…. my goodness.

    Anyway, good to see that this blog is finding its own direction. Best of luck in ’09


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