Bright Red Plumeria on Maui

Have you ever seen a plumeria tree with deep purple flowers blooming? From afar it seems like a “heart tree”. It looks so different from the white, yellow and pink plumerias we usually see on Maui.  Maybe the color is better described as “maroon” instead of red.  Whatever it is, I think they look majestic.  Seems like a “royalty” among the plumeria varieties.

Deep Red Plumeria on Maui

I was walking last weekend and there’s this deep red plumeria tree I was about to pass by.  Needless to say, I stopped and took some photos.  The tree is high, most of the blooms are too high for me to reach. However there was a branch that I was able to reach when I tip toed. And that’s how I took the photos of these lovely maroon plumerias on this post.

Maroon Plumeria on Maui

When I arrived home I realized I didn’t take a full shot of the tree! Hey, I was supposed to be walking, not taking pics that day, so I didn’t get upset to myself.  Instead, I googled “Deep Red Plumeria”, clicked the IMAGE tab on google search and whoah tons of beautiful bright red colored plumerias appeared!  And yes, there’s a full tree shot as well.

It’s 6:43 in the morning. I think I need to log off and do my Saturday morning walk now. Looking forward to seeing these lovely deep red plumerias “live” in “real life” once again. And oh yes, they smell heavenly too. I only wish that when we share plumeria pics on the net, you can smell it as well. Ahhh, with the technology these days – we might be closer to inventing such device (monitor that can emit the smell of the pic) soon 🙂

Aloha and a hui hou!