This is a point that my wife and I disagree on… but since I’m the one who actually has to drive, I feel that my opinion holds more weight than hers. I also weigh more than she does… but I don’t bring up any issues about weight – not any more. When I was younger and dumber (I’m just a little bit more smart now… but not much) I did. I now claim that I was possessed by an evil spirit, or maybe lots of them…. We both weigh more than we did when we got married – 14 or 15 years will do that to ya. But I have learned to say very little when the subject of weight gain is brought up. The best response is to make eye contact, say nothing, keep your expression a neutral but slightly dumb (this is not a stretch for most men), and pray to God that she will not require an audible reply. There is no right answer or statement. Just be supportive and tell her she got a great a_ _. My wife does – so I’m not lying to her – which I make a point not every do… But I digress.

Lying would be telling you to take valuable time from your vacation stay on Maui and drive to Hana (wifey thinks otherwise). Don’t get me wrong, Hana is a nice little town… but it is really small – like five buildings! It’s only 53 miles from Kahului but 38 of those mile are on this beautiful, winding road. Now, if you were the only car on this road and you had some experience driving on winding country roads – the trip would take , maybe 90 minutes. BUT since there are a ton of tourists on the road, most of them sightseeing while driving, this trip will take your 3 1/2 hours – one way!!! That’s 7 hours round trip!!! To look at five buildings and buy some super expensive snacks.

So you’re on Maui and you just have to see waterfalls, cliffs, etc… I suggest you drive around the West Maui mountains. The road is not too bad, a little rough in a few places – buy it’s not your suspension – so go for it! Most of the tourists will be driving the Road to Hana so the back road is not crowded. And, if you start in Wailuku and drive to Lahaina – it’ll take about 1 1/2 hours and and you can have lunch in Lahaina town. Maybe get some Hula Pie at Kimo’s…..

From the husband of @amauiblog