I shared with you about my staycation at the Hotel Hana Maui.  On my previous post I shared a lot about what was going on with me and how the relaxation helped me, but I did not get to share as much about Hotel Hana Maui as I wanted to.  And so this is the follow post. The beauty of Hana is beyond words. However, I will try to list some things that I loved about my stay:


1. The Scenic Drive to Hana. 600 curves and across 59 bridges (over half of which are just one lane wide), the beauty is simply stunning.  I got to see waterfalls, bamboo forest, and ocean view.  It was my first time to drive there by myself, and I thought it would be “scary” – but it was actually enjoyable.  Of course I made it a point to pull over every time I see a car or truck behind me, because I know I was driving slow.  That made the drive less stressful.  For tips on driving to Hana, check out Go Visit Hawaii Blog.


2. The Plantation Style Cottages With Ocean View.  I love it that the hotel kept the original architectural designs of the plantation houses.  There are some newer condos in the resort, but the one I stayed at is the older planation style and I love it!  They matched the inside with an interior decoration filled with Hawaiiana style and spirit.  Kris posted some pics on his Flickr site.  There is no A/C but that did not bother me.  I slept very well in the nights I stayed there.  And in the morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise!


3. Heated Pool Overlooking the Ocean.  This is is probably one of the most romantic part of the Hotel Hana Maui.  At night, the pillars are lighted with fire.  You can see it here on this photo in their website. Whether  it’s day time or night time, this pool area is beautiful!


4. Relaxing as well as invigorating massages at Honua Spa. While I was in Hana, hubby called me to give me a “gift of massage” via Honua Spa.  He read that the massages on Hotel Hana Maui are some of the best in the world so he told me to make sure I get one (yes, he paid for it).  I got the Lomilomi massage and loved it.   Next time I will try the stones.   And let me not forget to share that their Spa products are wonderful! Smells so good and was so gentle with my skin and hair. It’s available on-line . I suggest you try them out.


5. Friendly Staff, Good Service. There’s a touch of Aloha on the services I got at Hana Hotel.  The staff are friendly and helpful.  They are always with a smile.  I love the “local” accent or intonation as they speak. As for excellent services, one example is that I left my phone charger at home and the receptionist took extra steps to try to find me one from the unclaimed lost and found. She did not have to do that, but she did.  She never found one but I appreciated the effort.


6. Complimentary Yoga. I arrived Friday afternoon and planned on attending the yoga class on Saturday but I stayed late in bed.  So the next morning I made sure I woke up early.  Having a complimentary yoga classes in the morning was very nice. Great way to start the day.

There are so much more to share.   They say pictures are worth a thousand words so I thought I’d share many of the photos I took. Pleas enjoy the slide show below.  Aloha!