It’s Aloha Friday! It’s time for that “Talk Story” kind post started by Kalani at An Island Life, where we ask questions and answer, as we visit and meet bloggy friends around. While at the Maui County Fair, I stopped by thus Island Cooling booth and thought, of a question to ask. My question is:

Do you have Air Conditioning (AC) system in your house and do you use it?
Another question if you wis to answer is – how about fans? do you have them in your house? do you use them and how often?

Now, check out this Island Cooling System photo I took at the Maui County Fair. I will go back there today to explore more about it. Living on Kihei, I think I would want something like this in our house, won’t you?


Thank you to those of you who answered in the comment section. Happy Aloha Friday to all!