Joe and Ivan at the Maui County Fair showing how the Island Cooling Fan works

Here on A Maui Blog I usually talk about places on Maui as well as happenings and events the local families go to. I like talking story about these local kine stuff  as I share with your this lovely island.  Once in a while I find a product that I think fits well on Maui and I talk about them. One of those products is the Island Cooling fan.

I first found out about it a couple weeks ago before the Maui County Fair.  Joe shared with me about it and asked if I can talk story about here on on the blog.  I checked them out at the fair.  The more I read about it and the more I listen to their presentation, the more I am convinced that this product is perfect for Maui.

Yesterday it was in the news that MECO’s aim for a nearly 10% hike rates for 2010.  That means higher electric bill, and that is not good.

Here’s what good about this Island Cooling house fan: The whole house fan uses the equivalent to 3 light bulbs. Installed in the ceiling and designed to suck hot air out of the home and into the attic. This displaces the very hot air trapped in the attic and draws cooler outside air into the home to replace the hot air, creating a cooling breeze. You will be able to use a Whole House Fan for most of your cooling needs and reduce or eliminate the use of your A/C. Savings of up to 90% are common on your energy bill when switching from A/C.

I took an informal survey yesterday about people’s use of their A/C and was surprised that many people still use them in spite of the high electric bill.  You see, for us, we have a central A/C installed in our house that we rarely use it because we can’t afford to pay the high electric bill.  Howoever, when I read the reasons others uses A/C I can understand why.  The neat thing about this Island Cooling System is that is has benefits for those who are already using A/C and for those like are who don’t but wishes to. The decrease is electric bill is substantial.

I can talk more about it but I think a video for you to watch would better explain it’s benefits.  For us who are living on Maui and can’t afford the high cost of Air Conditioning but wishes to cool our house down, this Island Cooling makes prefect sense. So click here to check that video I am talking about; and maybe we will see you at the fair to get more info 🙂