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Be A Mermaid on Maui

A Day In The Life of Maui Mermaids

People seem to think that mermaids aren’t real–but friends, I can assure you that they are indeed real. Just ask head Maui mermaid Lila over at Hawaii Mermaid Adventures  – she’ll teach you all about the ocean and show her best mermaid tricks! My friend Liza of A Maui Blog contacted me about doing a girls […]

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Maui Small Business Week… May 12 to16 at Makena Beach Resort

Everyone is welcome to join us for Maui Small Business Week to learn and apply something new to your business! This first time event on Maui begins next week May 12th – 16th out at Makena Golf Resort in Kihei, Maui. This special business educational and networking opportunity has been planned Maui Business Brainstormers who have been filling an […]

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Maui Sunset

***** A few words… I interrupt my bloggy break to share with you this Maui Sunset from yesterday.  I thought I’d use these for  “Wordless Wednesday” post, but I decided that this is also good “Works For Me Wednesday” post.  When life is hectic and it seems like it’s beyond busy, it’s good to “take […]

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Island Cooling on Maui

Here on A Maui Blog I usually talk about places on Maui as well as happenings and events the local families go to. I like talking story about these local kine stuff  as I share with your this lovely island.  Once in a while I find a product that I think fits well on Maui […]

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Making Mochi Da Easy Way

One of Hapa Girl’s favorite snack is mochi. Good thing one of their teachers in school taught them how to make mochi the easy way.  It can be done using a microwave!  We thought it would be nice to share the recipe to A Maui Blog readers, complete with photos.  Here it goes: INGREDIENTS: 2 cups […]

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Works For Me Wednesday: Toys Edition

Works For Me Wednesday is about “toys” this week. The themed edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday is titled: The Toys Worth Buying Edition. With Christmas around the corner, we are posting our family’s favorite toys–the ones that won’t end up in the garage sale pile in a month! Let me suggest a few from our past: […]

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