Photo Credit: Marilyn of @MauiFarmTours

Photo Credit: Marilyn of @MauiFarmTours (photo linked)

How was your Christmas 2013? For me it was wonderful.  On the eve of Christmas I posted this musing and after I hit the publish and share button, I had doubts.  Maybe it’s too personal and I shouldn’t have shared it on this blog.  Maybe it’s too melancholic for Christmas.  After musing back and forth I decided it was a good thing. It’s a good thing to be authentic even though it will make me more vulnerable. It is good to be personal on this blog because that is what sets this apart from other blogs that promote Maui.  I am not here to promote Maui, I am here to talk story about life on Maui, and most likely that will be my life that I am talking about.
While browsing through my Facebook stream, I saw this link to Brene Brown’s post The Magic Is In The Mess that validated my previous post.  I was not just me that feel that way on Christmas Eve.  Joy and peace abounded even more.
And talk about joy and peace.  On Christmas Eve our refrigerator died!  Our family plan of going to the beach and enjoying Maui was changed. We ended up gathering coolers, buying ice, calling repair man, etc. etc. On the upside, we realized how much food we have on the refrigerator and how blessed we are that way, on the downside, it will take probably two weeks for the parts needed to arrive to Maui so we will be a house with no refrigerator for two weeks! Because we are so accustomed to having a refrigerator, this is not going to be easy.  One option is to buy a new one, but this one we have is only 3 years old. We shouldn’t be buying  a new one (not to mention that will be an expensive buy and it’s not in the budget!).
The interesting thing is that that throughout this ordeal, I was very peaceful and joyful even.  We could have had a different reaction of being anxious, bummed or upset about this, but we took it in stride.   We did the best we can to stuff everything in coolers and off we went to a Christmas Eve Service at Hope Chapel.  I sat throughout the service with peace and joy.  And that is wonderful.
Hubby dear posted something about the death of our refrigerator on Facebook. Lo and behold, one of our friends, Kim of KLC commented saying they have an extra refrigerator in their garage that we can borrow!  How cool it that? Very cool in my opinion. What are the chances of having friends with someone who has an extra refrigerator for us to use for two weeks? Slim. And so I take this as a little Christmas miracle.
Now that Christmas 2013 is over, I look forward to Christmas 2014. In the meantime, I also look forward to a brand new year.  Are you excited about the coming new year? I am. I am very excited!
Tomorrow I will be sharing something exciting. It will give you a chance to win $50,000 dollars. And I am not kidding. It’s for real.  So stay tuned!  A hui you!